Tue. Mar 19th, 2019


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The crypto asset and blockchain world has come a long way both in adoption and utility. With countless activities going on each day, new startups popping up and regulatory authorities taking charge, Humans of Blockchain comes in as an independent publication focused specifically on promoting a transparent environment in the blockchain and crypto asset ecosystem.

We strive to provide information about the latest developments, interviews of the people related to the industry, new innovations, price/trend analysis, and regulations. Our team works rounds the clock to deliver the latest and transparent information right before your screen. We are highly driven to educate people about the industry and want people to get empowered to take the right decisions.

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— Developed and Owned by Foxtrot Infotech —


Foxtrot Infotech is a multi-dimensional corporation working in the field of aspects pertaining to blockchain technology & the Fintech Industry. The dimensions around which the work has been undertaken by the company involved Ethereum POW mining  & Trading both of which has been discontinued due to regulatory concern, Now the company is focused with Blockchain R&D ( Protocol Development ) and ‘Humans of Blockchain’ on the Networking and Application Fronts. Moreover, the company also has also proven a track record of accumulating consistent profits over several months in various verticals associated to the Fintech Industry. 


— Our Team —


We are privileged enough to work with the best and brightest in the Fintech Industry. Our management team is based in Canada and India. We maintain this truth: our prerogative, our purpose, our life blood, is the art of truth-telling.


Something to keep the revolution going 

Every technology faces issues and problems in the beginning. With the internet it was Bandwidth, security and much more problems which led to the creation of new companies which could handle these specific issues. The similar will happen with the Blockchain. What Blockchain is for us might have been the television for our grandparents. In 2005, an economist named lipsey explained that every technology takes 30 years to actually become available for a wide range of usage.

Like it was with railroads, agriculture, electricity, internet and now Blockchain. So after 30 years there is no specific use case attributed to blockchain but a whole new world of opportunities which the previous technologies have presented and are still presenting. We knew about AI, VR and multiple other innovations which were worked upon but Blockchain came completely out of the blue. People controlling their choices to give their data to a company ‘ opt in ‘ or ‘ opt out ‘. What we should be doing is actually using this technology to prevent what happened with the internet. The few having the most and the many having none.