Sat. Apr 20th, 2019
Turning Rough Ideas into Profirtable Assets with Alessandro Perico

Interview with the CEO & Founder of a-Qube – Alessandro Perico | Humans of Blockchain

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Turning Rough Ideas into Profitable Assets

Welcome to our comprehensive interview series – Humans of Blockchain  where we get the best in the business to answer a diverse set of questions.

This series will clear the air of doubt in the blockchain space today by focusing on bringing more transparency to the readers.

Our guest today is Alessandro Perico – CEO & Founder of a-Qube – Peer-to-Peer Mobile Incubator

Alex is an experienced Blockchain Advisor and Game Theory Researcher with some insightful opinions about the Industry.

Not wasting much time, let’s hear it out from Alex himself.


1. We would love to know more about you, Alessandro? About Your Journey and how you got into the blockchain/ fintech space?

Hi Abhay, thank you for having me!

Well, I’ve been in business since I was 17, going from copywriting to project management and business modeling, plus a lot of fun things in between. Both personally and professionally I’ve always been interested in (political) governance and (chaotic) network dynamics in general – the way people interact, exchange value, build something together – and the game theory behind that. The tech side of decentralization was always the missing part, so when I found out about Blockchain technology I’ve immediately seen its great potential in (distributed) governance, in empowering people to build something bigger than themselves collaboratively, without the need of trusting – or even knowing – each other.


2. Can you tell us more about your company, a-Qube and ‘turning rough ideas to profitable assets’? The Vision/Mission.

My co-founder and I started to work on a-Qube since the beginning of 2018, with the goal to give back value to ideas and give the people who had them (creators) the possibility to receive immediate market validation for them, a sort of early “reality check.”

This later evolved into a distributed, encompassing ecosystem for innovation, a decentralized Marketplace of Ideas where ideas are the structural pattern of the market and all the participants – from creators and contributors to validators and merchants – are rewarded in a meritocratic way. This merit being “the value” of their contribution decided by the community through a public vote. We rely on a proprietary Consensus Algorithm (QPS – Qube Predictive Stake), and our system uses Game Theory, Blockchain, and Storytelling tools in order to break the prototyping process into easy-executable, self- filtering tasks and turn rough business Ideas into Profitable Assets.

After the two of us had a solitary road, 6 months of research, hundreds of iterations and a local incubator (in Tallinn), we are now 15 members in the team – and in a few weeks, we are going to launch our prototype. The roadmap is still long, but people will already be able to propose, vote and implement business ideas being rewarded in QUBs!


3. What is your role being a Research Associate with Stakenet (XSN) and what problems is the project solving?

At Stakenet I continued my research, analysis, and comparison of consensus models in mathematical and game theoretical perspective, with a special focus on PoS (Proof-of- Stake). Stakenet is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), and it’s the first cross-chain secured by a TPoS (Trustless Proof-of-Stake).


4. Being a Writer yourself, what are your thoughts on the current information/ education flow in the Blockchain Industry?

Being a writer means to be a sort of witness of your generation, the times you live in. I believe in the past we never had such an opportunity as we have it now for doing something decent, meritocratic and collaborative as a “kin” (humankind). For this reason, despite there have been many “fun eras” in the past, I feel quite lucky for being alive now. As for the industry itself, there is a lot going on, and a lot of resources – of higher or lower quality – for the “newcomers” to get familiar with the sphere. The only advice I’d give to my colleagues is to try to connect their amazing technologic solutions to the real people, and let them more space to understand and get excited about them – most often dialogue is more valuable than a monologue.


5. You are also a Growth Advisor for WierdWorld. What are your roles as a Growth Advisor and what do they entail?

I collaborated with WIRD for a few months last year and the beginning of this. They have quite a large team, and I was working mainly with Gregory, the founder, and the Marketing team. My main roles were in content/marketing strategy and project management.

They are also going to launch soon, by the way!


6. What do you see the year 2019 holds for the Blockchain Industry?

Well, I believe 2018 was a great year for Blockchain, probably the best so far. I mean, it was quite catastrophic under a financial perspective, so probably some people may get angry at me for saying that, but if you think about it – taking the “speculation” away, people were genuinely curious about blockchain and attracted by the potential of this technology, while projects/companies/teams were pushed to build something valuable with it. Last year brought maturity in the space, and showed more openness to “the outer world” – I’m sure this year will confirm this, and push inclusion and boundaries even further.


7. Any ending remarks for the industry, Alessandro?

First of all, thanks again for inviting me, Abhay! Then again, let’s just remember the reasons why you chose this technology, what you can build with it, and who are the people you are building it for! That said, feel free to read more about a-Qube at, or to connect with me directly at [email protected]. I’m always open to a good talk!


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