Mon. Feb 18th, 2019

OKEx to de-list more than 40 cryptocurrencies

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Hong Kong based global cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has announced the delisting of several trading pairs from the exchange due to a weak liquidity and trading volume. The move has been taken to create a robust trading environment and offer the best trading experience to the users.


Delisting of the trading pairs will be done at 06:00 Oct 31, 2018 (Central European TIme). Users are requested to cancel their orders of the affected pairs. If your order is not cancelled in time, the order will be cancelled by the system and your asset will be credited to your trading account.


TRADING PAIRS with weak liquidity and trading volume, but NOT THE TOKENS themselves, will be delisted. Other satisfactory trading pairs can still be traded normally. Strict monitoring will be done on all listed projects and implement the delisting/hiding mechanism for substandard projects when necessary.


Please be reminded that trading digital assets involves significant risk and make sure you fully understand the mechanism and risk involved. You should always consider your investment ability and risk tolerance before entering the market


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