Sat. Apr 20th, 2019
Better Investment Decisions with Iustina Faraon - CEO of

Interview with the Co-Founder & CEO of Coreto – Iustina Faraon | Humans of Blockchain

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Bettering Investments in Blockchain

Welcome to our comprehensive interview series – Humans of Blockchain  where we get the best in the business to answer a diverse set of questions.

This series will clear the air of doubt in the blockchain space today by focusing on bringing more transparency to the readers.

Our guest today is Iustina Faraon – CEO & Co-Founder of Coreto – Better investment decisions for Non-Professional Investors

Not wasting much time, let’s hear it out from Iustina herself.


1. We would love to know more about you Iustina? About Your Journey and how you got into the blockchain/ fintech space.

Before anything else, I am a human being who dreams big in regards to building a trustworthy community. At the same time, my vision undertakes also among people for a common purpose.

I grew up in a middle-class family from Romania, during communist times. Due to the lack of joyful memories from back then, in my 20s, I started my journey with self-development. My aim was to identify my skills and life’s purpose.

In 2011, I joined the digital space by working with one of the first online marketing agencies in Romania. And in less than two years I became a partner and COO. As a start-up, you can imagine that we were just building our portfolio and experience, but we had something others lacked: a passion for innovation in the industry and determination to deliver disruptive projects. This was the ingredient that helped us build amazing projects, with important clients all around the world.

As time passed by and I was taking part in developing and delivering different projects and products to our clients, my own game-changing project started shaping up in my mind.

Throughout the years I had several attempts to start something on my own, but I was unable to disconnect, as I was completely dedicated to the agency and its clients. However, once I felt the time was right, I left the digital agency and focused all my energy on my upcoming innovation.

We knew about bitcoin and blockchain since 2014, but only in early 2017 I started diving into understanding what blockchain was all about; that also coincided with that “A-HA moment”: I fell in love with the use cases of the blockchain technology. And so my adventure of learning more about how and who was building projects in this space began.

In the meantime, Vlad (my husband and business partner) was already involved in this space as an investor and a rookie trader. I acknowledged his struggles and frustrations regarding the outcomes of investing by following the wrong influencers and speculators.  One day, as we were analyzing the bad investments we’ve made (both in ICOs and in trading), we came to a great understanding: we realized what was missing in all this new business space. That key element was the TRUST between the involved parties: investors, influencers and project teams. Our realization was the turning point in our thinking that brought us to the decision of building Coreto.


2. Can you tell us more about Coreto and their mission for being a social platform for experts and analysts in the Blockchain space?

In the current Blockchain space, there are a lot of people that really know what they are doing in terms of trading, fundamental analysis, due diligence, etc., However, none of the current social channels out there provide these professionals with the necessary tools to grow their audience, pass on their knowledge and to be able to monetize their content.

Experts, analysts or any blockchain enthusiast who want to share their knowledge will highly benefit from creating and populating their profiles on Coreto. They will allow them to grow their reputation, prove their performance and accuracy, and, at the same time, diversify their income channels.

Along the way, based on feedback and out of the desire to provide more and more value, we will keep adding features and use cases. As a sneak peek, one of our initial features is related to gamification – but we will disclose more on how this works at the right time.


3. How does Coreto go about “Bringing Trust to Blockchain Communities”? What benefits does the End-user have?

Coreto is meant to be a reputation-based social platform. The vision is for investors to save a lot of time spent on their due diligence process, searching for good investment opportunities or new professionals to follow. It would be useless to touch the topic of honesty and trustworthiness of the traders and influencers we see active on #CT (Crypto Twitter). Nonetheless, most of them are posting only their good trades and spend their time challenging the goods of others. The same applies to ICO/STO/IEOs reviewers and analysts.

Coreto will be a game changer in terms of educating the retail investors about cryptocurrency trading, investing in blockchain startups through Initial Coin Offerings (and IEOs or STOs), how to analyze the crowd sentiment and so much more. In this regard, Coreto is a platform where professionals in the blockchain space can prove their value and performance, by using our features and tools (such as our Stacking of Opinion Pools). On the other hand, experts can monetize their content through one-on-one mentoring sessions or creating subscription-based content.

Our final goal and vision is to help as many people as possible to better understand and adopt the blockchain projects and their use cases.


4. You were also the Partner and COO of Creative Luggage, a company focused on Digital Marketing, what are your thoughts about the current Media Industry and the Blockchain Segment?

I strongly believe that our team’s digital background is one of our main USPs. I will admit that we are a bunch of crazy “pixel-perfect” professionals, but we are creating an amazing user experience and that is extremely important for us. We’ve put in a lot of hours into Coreto’s branding and we are still working on the user journey. In my eyes, creating the user experience it’s a continuous work.

The main thing that shocked me when I was looking for a digital/media agency to collaborate with, was the big discrepancy between the fees they requested and the quality they delivered.

If you ask me, it’s almost impossible to find an agency active on the Blockchain segment to work with. And my belief is based on thorough research, throughout which I couldn’t identify “the passion for digital” in their work. Consequently, we will probably outsource a part of our marketing campaign, being very mindful – at the same time –  about choosing the right partner. However, we will not be easy to work with because Coreto is our “baby” and we are very demanding in terms of how our brand has to be perceived by on the market.

Here’s an example: Some time ago, we had a pretty unpleasant experience with one agency from the blockchain space. We agreed on certain terms, but we were very disappointed with their work so we decided to do everything in-house for the time being.


5. Would there be a need for a Coreto Token in the near Future?

Our platform is powered by our COR token, which will be used to interact with most of the features on Coreto: auctioning for 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with traders and influencers, subscriptions to content creators, gamification rewards, rewarding content creators, participating in Stacking of Opinion Pools (SOOPs), etc.

One of the most important use cases for COR is that content creators will get a boost in the trust meter directly proportional with the number of COR tokens they stack. But it will be up to their performance to keep that trust meter up!      


6. What are your thoughts on the current information/ education flow in the Blockchain Industry?

There are several independent sources out there. But some of them are hard to follow and navigate because of poor UI/UX. If someone is interested to learn about cryptocurrency trading or staying up to date with the news from this space, they do have some options available. But they have to spend quite some time until they’ll find the right source.

From my point of view, there are some important pieces missing in the Blockchain Industry:

  • a tool completely adaptable to its users;
  • a tool with the clear purpose to unite the actual blockchain community and bring new members to the tribe;
  • a tool that can resolve the lack of trust between the community members;
  • a tool that can have the key features for teaching, uniting, learning and earning in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.


Any ending remarks for the industry, Iustina?

I believe that mass adoption through education should be the main focus for anyone who truly loves and believes in this technology. We should also look at doing some „spring clean-up” in this business space.


To conclude, I am 100% positive that things will take a different turn, with the right tools and a bit of perspective shift.


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