Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Latest Interviews

Humans of Blockchain ™

Here we have the Latest Interviews for ‘Humans‘ working in the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and the overall Fintech Industry. 

Each individual is highly experienced with a particular skill set in a specific niche/ sector, and are coming together to implement this new technology to already existing frameworks so we can step into a much brighter future. 

The crypto asset and Blockchain world has come a long way both in adoption and utility. With countless activities going on each day, new startups popping up and regulatory authorities taking charge, Humans of Blockchain comes in as an independent publication focused specifically on promoting a transparent environment in the Blockchain and crypto asset ecosystem.

We strive to provide information about the latest developments, interviews of the people related to the industry, new innovations, price/trend analysis, and regulations. Our team works rounds the clock to deliver the latest and transparent information right before your screen. We are highly driven to educate people about the industry and want people to get empowered to take the right decisions.

Check out each Human’s views and thoughts about the Blockchain Industry and about how we can implement & improvise this technology to support multiple innovations in the coming years.