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CryptoAssets and the Future – Industry Wide Opinion Article | Humans of Blockchain

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Greetings to all the Humans of Blockchain ™ !

Bitcoin was here, so was Ethereum and so on but where does the train stop? 

CryptoAssets have existed in the Market for a long period but without any recognition. But now the World is taking notice of this new type of ‘Digital Asset‘, which has the power to change Financial Frameworks across the world. 

Of course, multiple questions Arise but the first question everyone would like to think about is ‘What about the Future?

Here we have the answer from experienced professionals across the Blockchain space. 


Morgan Pierce




Everyone is speaking about how crypto will change the future, but one of the most important aspects is rather subtle and it can melt your brain trying to figure out how it will truly impact our world in the future. Human beings often need a while to not only figure out how to use new technology but also tend to arrive at the destination in a circuitous route.

The aspect I am referring to is micropayments. Until now, the smallest online payment in fiat requires a credit card and because of minimum transaction fees of around 35c it means that any amount under a dollar is not worthwhile – the transaction fee costs nearly as much as the amount tendered.

This has been a huge stumbling block for economic inclusion. People or businesses wanting to sell a read of an article, or a listen to a song, have no choice but to charge for their products in bulk or not at all.  A classic example is publishing and newspapers. If a newspaper costs $2 to purchase in physical paper, a 30-page newspaper with six articles per page would mean that each article averages 0.011111 cents each. Imagine trying to collect a fee for reading one article in fiat? It isn’t possible, so most publishers allow a free article or two and then ask for a monthly subscription, which is cheaper than a daily purchase but may be too much for someone just wanting to read an occasional piece.

But what if a reader could pay as they read each article – pay as you go? That would not only change the face of online newspapers – it might even save them.

There are many changes charging towards humanity in this new crypto future, but the ability to exchange value, peer to peer with a crypto asset that is divisible by 18 decimal points is to my mind the most impactful change coming down the track.

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Jillian Godsil


Founder of


Tokenise everything! This is the clarion call of the blockchain world and it is very exciting. There are many reasons why we might as a society decide to create crypto assets out of our physical assets.


The first is to democratize access to assets. Think property – this is traditionally an asset that is only available to the rich. Yes, you might buy your own home and maybe an investment property but it takes a lot of money and risk. Consider the new opportunities now where companies are tokenizing property and allowing people to invest in pennies. An investment in a high rise office block in central London is beyond all but the richest, but if it was broken down into tokens then people of ordinary means would be able to invest.

I interviewed a young entrepreneur recently from the Bahamas. Did you realize there is millions of sunken treasure in the shifting sands? The government banned all recovery as people were stealing what is now their sovereign asset. The PO8 project is tokenizing the treasure, using the fundraising to invest in proper marine search and recovery equipment and teams. The result is that people can own a token of the treasure but the actual gems remain the property of the Bahamian government and can be displayed in local or international museums.

Or consider traditional illiquid assets such as film making – by tokenizing the underlying film, producers can get in early money but investors can also sell before the film in made – making it a much more attractive asset.

And then there is the human body. Kevin   Abosch, international photographer and artist famously tokenized his blood in 2017. And this month Montreal Visual Artist Jon Don Capablanco is tokenizing his semen.


The future of crypto assets is only limited to what can be imagined. And that would appear to be everything.

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Adam Dorfman


Founder of TAP – The Talent Access Portal


Distributed Ledger Technology is the next step in the evolution of assets. The P2P networks will not only manage the supply of assets but will provide information on how these assets are distributed. This newfound P2P commons will enable a more collaborative economy. Such that we are not only transferring things, we are sharing information about the network. Enabling greater alignment and autonomy towards our greater societal vision and shared purpose, if we chose so.



Ruud Feltkamp


Dutch T.V. Star and CEO of CryptoHopper 


STOs (securitized tokens) will become the new ICO in 2019. One of the aspects that differentiates an STO is the fact that these tokens are backed by an asset rooted in the real world. That could be a revenue share or a stake in the company. You can compare an STO to a traditional IPO, but for in the crypto space. Imagine buying a share in a company, and eventually paying with those shares for your groceries in the supermarket.

Big tech giants are jumping on the bandwagon. It’s no secret that Facebook is building their own cryptocurrency. IBM and Google are also moving into the space. I expect to see so much more innovation in the actual development of the technology from these giants.

I’m not sure that there will be a big bull run in 2019, but I do believe that the market will gain positive sentiment again. I think we’re all looking for stability at the moment, whilst all the post-invested-in projects (that are still alive) can work on their technology. So, a stable 2019 would be better for the industry than a bull run.


Domenic Thomas 


CEO of Worbli 


2019 is going to be the year of consolidation. Most of us who have been involved with blockchain for a while know that bear markets actually give us the opportunity to do what we love without all the hype that comes when bitcoin is rising 20% per day. So the serious projects spent 2018 slowly working on their businesses and building relationships. I think the ICO craze of 2017 and the relative failure of those projects to produce any real use cases in 2018, has finally killed off any hope for projects who think they can raise millions of dollars based on hype alone. This is a great sign for blockchain as I think we can expect the industry to really grow up from here, leaving the truly professional projects to shine in 2019.

This should start building investor confidence again and fundraising will pick up, but only for projects with solid business plans and MVPs. I expect blockchain projects which are able to persevere through this bear market to really gain the respect of mainstream business peers and emerge as the clear winners in the industry. In general, we will start seeing real use cases and working applications beyond wallets, gambling and games.

Some of the applications I expect to see a launch in 2019 include easy to use crypto/fiat gateways, data marketplaces, decentralized insurance, more global governments passing favourable legislation for the blockchain industry, and many STOs, or Security Token Offerings.

So, I expect the future for crypto assets to be very strong. A lot of the dross has been shifted in this tighter more responsible environment and as a result, crypto assets will be just that – assets.


Peter Alfred-Adekeye



Founder & CEO of Multiven Group


Crypto is here, and it’s here to stay. The crypto world may have had its ups and downs, but just like a solid marriage, crypto will remain in the long run.

Ever since crypto became a reality a few years ago, the world has become a different place. It has evolved. We’re now well into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which crypto assets underpin every step of the way.

The true power of crypto lies in decentralization.

Assets, financial or otherwise, are no longer under tight control and regulation of one or two organizations or countries that engage in quasi-monopolistic practices, with all that this implies. The decentralization aspect takes control away from single players and empowers the people to own and manage their own assets in whichever way they see fit.

Multiven is designed with that core idea in mind. We offer both a marketplace and a security solution that is built around the very concept of decentralization, even going as far as launching nodes into orbit to eliminate any Earth-based threats!

We build, protect, and manage the crypto assets of the future today, through our platform and our services, to ensure that the internet works better for everyone in days yet to come.

What do you think?