Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Interview with the Founder of One Billion Founders – Rachel Jim | Humans of Blockchain

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Welcome to our comprehensive interview series – Humans of Blockchain  where we get the best in the business to answer diverse questions.

This series will clear the air of doubt in the blockchain space today by focusing on bringing more transparency to the readers.

Our guest, today, is  Rachel JimFounder of One Billion Founders, Thematic Ventures and a Blockchain advisor. She answered all our questions with patience and detail.

She has a charming and down to earth personality with a very clear vision of what she does. Her experience is multidimensional and she possesses excellent growth hacking skills.

Not wasting much time, let’s hear it out from Rachel Jim herself.


1. We would love to know more about you Rachel. (Your interests, background, education etc. anything you feel comfortable in telling)

I am a female, Australian-born Chinese (ABC) on a journey of lifetime learning with other humans who are on my wavelength.  I have spent nearly 40 years transforming myself from a “feeling” type to a “thinking” kind of person. Why? Because sympathy is a human construct which has caused herd mentality and pop culture.  People have become self absorbed entities of nihilist impulses which is completely unevolved behavior.


I believe humans can do better than this.  It’s an art form based on disciplined human behaviors and the beauty of natural science. I love aquariums, plants and the planet we’ve been blessed with.  It’s more spectacular than any materialistic possession we’ve been conditioned to consume.


2. Can you tell us about One Billion Founders and Thematic Ventures in a layman’s language?( eg. the vision, mission, scope of work etc.)

I am a public benefit intrapreneur, or a “Human API”.  I connect SMART Founders of exciting technology ventures with research and development teams which will form a micro-segment of people sharing the aim of creating a digital society who are focussed on improving our relationship with the planet will live upon. This includes self-funding ventures which are resource conscious, environmentally sustainable, and scientifically creative as an ecosystem.  

I contribute by actively hunting for like-minded agents to work with and advising on equitable, balanced commercial propositions. We are all Founders of our own self-sovereign digital identity.  Our tagline is: People are the Product, Trust is our Currency. Relationships are our Capital.  These are core values in maintaining integrity and purpose in a digital society.

My current project is part of The Brave Youth Program. It is a unique and innovative approach to addressing poverty and youth disadvantage with self-sovereign digital Australians. Imagine the future of work and financial inclusion evolving the labour market without geographical barriers.

GYO Score data analytics for LAN centers using ggCircuit software offer disadvantaged youth the opportunity

for alternative income, education and employment opportunities, and financial literacy in an inclusive augmented reality, of data driven, liquid democracy.


3. How do Thematic Ventures integrate with Blockchain technology?

To become self-sovereign entities, we need to connect platforms with secure, transparent accounting systems whilst protecting people’s online identity (Oracles) and personal data (Nodes). Blockchain is the cryptographic technology architecture to perform this function without the need for outdated, centralized command and control.


4. Do you also plan to launch an ICO?

No. I am working on a small local business to self fund any projects I am interested in supporting.


5. What should one qualify in to be able to work with Thematic Ventures?

It is by invitation only or via an introduction from people I trust.  I always conduct my own research.


6. Which other projects are you advising related to Blockchain Technology?

WIRD [Wild Idea & Research Development] PBC (Public Benefit Company)

WIRD Public Benefit Company Delaware COI – Certificate of Incorporation “To work cooperatively with all stakeholders to develop technical and non-technical solutions to social and environmental challenges in order to create a more inclusive, equitable and just society.”

Bubbled Augmented Reality governance framework – The Platform for AR friendly decentralised dApps, powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. A Land Registry to identify & verify ownership of virtual spaces around the globe.

ADBIT Media Marketplace is host to a suite of features and blockchain technology to transform the global commerce of traditional media assets. A utility token will become a bridge between fiat and cryptocurrency, enabling real-time transactions of Radio, Out of Home (Billboards), Television and Print advertising.

Flux (Australian Political Party) Member and volunteer

Upgrading to liquid democracy with blockchain on a policy agnostic platform: Secure Vote


7. What future do you see for ICOs and blockchain technology in general?

It’s being ruined by greedy entrepreneurs. Altcoins in 2017/2018 generally issued a market cap without any clarity of utility, security or intrinsic value to a market of financially illiterate or immature buyers…  The future is regulated crowdfunding with bitcoin or ERC20 altcoins which are already established in the market.  

There is no need to create your own branded currency and it would be a waste of time to do so unless you have developed a strong partnership of ventures or individuals who are willing to utilize your airdrop.  I also believe in stabilizing digital currency with a coefficient base value. For example, how much effort is required before I am able to redeem for something to eat or drink?


8. There’s an emerging market for Security Tokens, what views do you have for the STO market?

Perfect for smart contract driven financial decision making such as ESCROW payments in exchange for intellectual proprietary or industries such as supply chain and the property rental market.  Ideally using existing platforms or digital marketplaces. A digital identity protocol is essential for security tokens to work effectively.


9. What progress has blockchain technology made in Australia? What is the current status?

Slow, but steady will win.  I am starting to meet some very smart technologists in this space, such as The Hut34 Project and onramp technologies who recently launched Australia’s first AUD backed stable coin.



10. What improvements do you feel are needed in the blockchain space? (Both technology and business aspects)

If technology architecture were a vehicle, I’d choose Mercedes Benz. The trick is not to reinvent the wheel.  Just quality engineering to make the car a pleasure to drive with the customer in mind, not necessarily go faster, and definitely not louder.  Make music, not white noise.


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