Tue. Mar 19th, 2019

Interview with Giovanni Casagrande – ICO/ STO Advisor, ICOBench Expert | Humans of Blockchain

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Welcome to our comprehensive interview series – Humans of Blockchain  where we get the best in the business to answer diverse questions.

This series will clear the air of doubt in the blockchain space today by focusing on bringing more transparency to the readers.

Our guest, today, Giovanni Casagrande – ICO/ STO Advisor, ICOBench Expert, Crypto Fundraiser and an influential personality in the Blockchain space.

Not wasting much time, let’s hear it out from Giovanni Casagrande himself.


1. We would love to know more about you Giovanni. Your journey and how you entered the blockchain space.

I’m Giovanni Casagrande, a known name in the world of cryptocurrency. I am an Italian who has well over 20 years in the cryptocurrency industry. I am also an Economist from one of the best Italian Universities and equipped with a passion for marketing and growth hacking tactics for the development of different projects and programs.

Fortunately, I lived in this transition and equipped with the two decades of the traditional experience of business experience, which is now being coupled with new decentralization industry market skills.

My passion has expanded in the cryptocurrency industry. This has seen me invest my talent and skill into being part of the team supporting the growth of this industry.
Also, I have vast experience being in the cryptocurrency field as an advisor.


2. What blockchain startups are you presently advising? What factors do you consider in a startup when you accept an advisory position?

Currently, I have more than 70 projects that I am directly involved in, projects like solarex, fortfc, FidelityHouse, sgat to mention a few. I am on the advisory board for these projects.

I advise on online marketing and growth hacking, general blockchain tech, initial coin offerings (ICOs) from their beginning stage to the final stage including security token offerings, regulation and their effects on cryptocurrency business, investments with adequate compliance, proper investment involving cryptocurrency with strategical planning, and go-to-market strategies for startups.

In conclusion, the knowledge and application of cryptocurrency to different sectors and economies using the blockchain platform comes with a lot of advantages. Harnessing these various advantages is sure to improve and effectively guarantee growth in these sectors.


3. We went through a recent article of yours, named ‘The Best ICO STO Advisor in The World’, which was a great read. Can you throw some light on the role advisors play in the growth of blockchain industry?

As expected when plagued with disorganization; big companies, investors and advisors are willing to defend their space by taking in the very instrument that puts them at risk. Advisors are constantly creating services and products that are based on the Blockchain’s computerized ledger, an unclosed source technology that can be easily accessed and modified by anybody. This helps in the advancement of Blockchain and helps in its approval by users.


4. When we talk about ICO/STOs, there are a lot of fake ones also, how does an advisor tackle them?

Advisors have helped in tackling the issue of fake ICO/STO’s by stating some red flags associated with the fake tokens which every user should be aware of. They include;

• The use case does not require blockchain
• If an ICO is trying to provide open source codes then its fake
• If the underlying team in charge of an ICO/STO does not have a name and a list of their advisors.


5. There was a recent crash in the crypto market. What are your views about that?

Though the recent crash was painful, it is a good thing to take a step back and review the present state of Crypto based Assets on their past crashes. It has crashed a lot of times in the past few years, but at the end of the day, cryptocurrency is quite a relatively new idea and is bound to have its highs and lows. The elasticity, however, has been fascinating.


6. What are the hindrances to adoption of blockchain technology presently? What should be done to overcome them?

A hindrance to the adoption of Blockchain is the speed of transactions (TPS – Transactions Per Second) which is slow and could get slower with new users joining the specific network. Due to its poor transaction performance, many stakeholders do not want it as a good option for large scale applications.

However, to overcome this issue, new models are being created presently to facilitate the transactions efficiently.


7. What shortcomings do you feel are present in the blockchain space currently? What should be done to overcome them?

When the price of Cryptocurrencies increased tremendously last year, the regulators were rapidly disturbed about the experimental nature of the market. Though there are other sectors in the Blockchain where the regulation is being doubted such as smart contracts, nevertheless, the regulations in existence do not include smart contracts, and this could affect Blockchain investments.

But, progress is being made regarding the regulation as some states have approved bills linked to the approval of blockchain and another group will look into the Cryptocurrency issue.


8. What are your views about the rising security token markets?

With the rise of security tokens in the market, tokens will be the next big shot in the emerging future. The fundamentals of how the tokens are created, sold, kept and stay security docile are quite difficult than what is shown on the surface. However, all these are gradually transforming today. All you need to do is to get prepared for the overflow of your digital wallets. The tokens are being built at a fast pace and are getting operational daily.


9. What do you think the year 2019 holds for the blockchain industry?

The previous year, 2018 was not an easy year for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain innovation. In diverse ways, it can still be regarded as a good year because Blockchain was finally known as a distinct idea from Cryptocurrency. However, 2019 seems to be much more promising for the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology as more companies and known brands are taking a step venturing into the Blockchain sphere.


10. Any last words of motivation from your end Giovanni for the audience?

The Blockchain technology is still in its early phase and has a lot of potentials to offer companies, industries, and financial institutions alike. The world is gradually entering the era of Blockchain technology, and it is slowly getting accepted globally.


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