Tue. Mar 19th, 2019

Interview with the CEO and Founder at PharmaTrace | Humans of Blockchain

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Welcome to our comprehensive interview series – Humans of Blockchain ™ where we get the best in the business to answer a diverse set of questions.

This series will clear the air of doubt in the blockchain space today by focusing on bringing more transparency to the readers.

Our guest today is Issame Outaleb, who is the CEO and Founder of PharmaTrace – A Healthcare ecosystem on the Blockchain and a Healthcare Professional 

Not wasting much time, let’s hear it out from Issame himself.


1. Can you give us a basic introduction about yourself Issame? Your Journey and how you got into the Blockchain space.

I have studied and earned a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics and Immunology at the Max-Planck Institute in Germany. Afterwards, as a Business Management Senior Consultant and Strategist, I have served in biotech and pharmaceutical industries with an emphasis on Strategy, Business Process Design, Organizational Design and IT Solutions. It was these experience when I faced with the lack of efficient system in the healthcare industry and consequently realizing that the blockchain technology was the answer. This is how PharmaTrace was born. 


2. Your profile indicates extensive experience in the Healthcare Industry. How do you go about connecting Fintech/ Blockchain with your Industry?

There is a great need with urgency from the healthcare industry to solve their problems through evolving technology. Many leading consulting firms have been reporting the need for Digital Transformation and Smart Industry, therefore there is much interest from the healthcare industry to approach us for their solutions. 


3. Can you tell us more about PharmaTrace? The vision/ mission.

At PharmaTrace, we’d like to create the biggest ecosystem of healthcare players -Pharma companies, government agencies, pharmacies, suppliers- all to support our patients, through a trusted platform based on blockchain. We’d like to provide tools to make life easier, like tools for Clinical Trials Data or gaining a deeper understanding of Patient Data. The idea is to be able to use this data immediately for things like Predictive Analysis based on AI and ML.


4. What would be the shortcomings in the Blockchain segment according to your views? 

There is an awareness, but not enough of education on what blockchain is for many people. The misunderstandings of the blockchain being “dangerous” and “dark & sinister” also come from miseducation of bad journalism. I would expect these false reputations of blockchain will be resolved once people learn that it is only a Distributed Ledger Technology. It’s just a matter of time. 


5. Are there any jurisdictional challenges for running a Blockchain focused company in Germany?

Mm. If I may speak for Munich, the city offers fantastic infrastructure, talents and funds for start-ups but Life Sciences are still promoted in a traditional way and information is difficult to access. Another thing may be that they don’t have the Boston mentality, like “Let’s go!, Let’s do it!”, where you figure things out as you go. Here is more like, “Convince me twice and maybe we can have a meeting”. One can have the best idea in the world but if there is no momentum, it’s difficult. 


6. We also see that you are a Partner with Healthcare Shapers. Could you throw some light on the company and their contributions to the Healthcare Industry?

Healthcare Shapers is an international network of independent consultants, service providers, expert and decision makers in the healthcare industry. It functions as an excellent vehicle for the interested parties to converge. 


7. What do you see the year 2019 holding for Blockchain projects? (In the Healthcare/ Medical Industries)

We are focusing on finishing our case studies as a proof-of-concept and also reaching out to governments and corporations. Our platform is now ready to go, and 2019 will be the Year of Implementation. It would also be an exciting year for other healthcare startups to perform their promises.


Any ending remarks for the industry, Issame?

As a slogan for PharmaTrace, I would like to say, “Innovate or Die”. Unfortunately, my team doesn’t approve of it. 😊 I like it because without implementing innovation in your entity’s system, you will not survive in the future. I see that the only way to survive and grow is to adopt the latest technology. It’s the only way.  


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