Tue. Mar 19th, 2019

Interview with the co-founder of Dodobank – Celine Moille | Humans of Blockchain

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Welcome to our comprehensive interview series – Humans of Blockchain  where we get the best in the business to answer diverse questions.

This series will clear the air of doubt in the blockchain space today by focusing on bringing more transparency to the readers.

Our guest, today, is  Celine MoilleFounder of Dodobank, Head of Blokchain – Yellaw Avocats and a Blockchain legal advisor. She answered all our questions with patience and detail.

Céline is well known for her knowledge of legal issues relating to blockchain.

Not wasting much time, let’s hear it out from Celine Moille herself.


1. We would love to know more about you Celine. Your story and how you got into the Blockchain space

I’m a French Lawyer having done PhD in private international law. I regularly participate in national and international conferences as a speaker, as well as contributing to the field of blockchain studies through publications and collaborations. Attorneys indeed have a central place in this new ecosystem, as neither the general public nor political or legal institutions are entirely at ease with blockchain and its specificities.

The legal framework for this field is not yet perfectly established and risks already exist, making legal expertise essential.


2. Can you tell us more about Yellaw Avocats and Dodobank? The vision and mission

Yellaw is a Business International law firm having its offices in France, Mauritius, Malaysia and Singapore. We serve business clients in legal aspects and are growing at a rapid pace. 

Dodobank is a Legaltech firm which helps in debt collection. We have different packages for various categories of debtors. We also offer lawyer services at reasonable costs.


3. The recent market crashes have created fear in the market. What are your views about the present situation?

Markets when not directed by rules and regulations often face situations like this. Not having rules gives freedom to manipulators and ‘whales’ to impact market prices in the way they want.


4. There’s a diverse legal acceptance of Cryptocurrency. How important is the role of regulations in the Crypto space

Regulations are going to play a very crucial role in shaping the future of cryptocurrency ecosystem. They will bring the following advantages to the table:

  • Transparency
  • Security
  • Information

We are committed to the legal aspects of the market and are determined to make the space compliant and transparent.


5. What are your views about the STO market? How is it different from the regular securities market?

The STOs provide more flexibility to the structure of the current market. It’s a true international model which can be useful in promoting the cryptocurrency ecosystem in a more regulation friendly manner. The governments worldwide are having a close look at the developments in the market and security tokens are the way forward.


6. What are some Blockchain projects you see today that have the potential to change our future?

Blockchain as a technology has many use-cases which can transform the way our world functions. Some of the use-cases that I feel have the potential to change our future are:

  • Insurance
  • Traceability of products
  • Real estate


7. How can adoption be improved for the Blockchain technology?

Everyone needs to understand technology in a simple and concrete way. We must popularise practical applications. There should also be a regulation, at least an European regulation, but it will be difficult because it would be necessary to agree on taxes.


8. What is the regulatory and adoption status of Blockchain in France?

 The government seems to be in favour of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The regulator would like to put a visa.

The real problem for me : open a bank account !


9. What challenges are there in the Blockchain space currently? How can we overcome

The space needs more transparency, which can be done via regulations.

We must popularize the technology. People should not be afraid of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


10. Any last motivational words from you Celine

 Convinced that LegalTech is the best way to bring legal support to corporations, I would suggest people in the space to keep their calm and have trust in the underlying technology.


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