Tue. Mar 19th, 2019

Interview with the force behind CryptoChicks | Humans of Blockchain

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Welcome to our comprehensive interview series – Humans of Blockchain  where we get the best and brightest to answer a diverse set of questions. 

This series will attempt to clear the air of doubt in the Blockchain space today by focusing on bringing more transparency to the readers. 

Our guests, today, are Elena Sinelnikova, the Founder & CEO at CryptoChicks who is accompanied by Anna Niemira, Director of Business Development.

Elena and Anna are members of the core executive team at CryptoChicks with the main goal of Empowering Women in the Fintech Industry/ Promoting Education in the Industry. 

Now lets pass the control over to Elena and Anna. 

The following questions have been answered by both intellectuals :

ES – Elena Sinelnikova
AN – Anna Niemira


1. We would love to know about you Elena. Your background, experiences, education, how did “CryptoChicks” end up as an objective ?


ES: I am a software engineer with a Master of Computer Science degree. I have over 20 years of experience as a solutions architect and development team lead in public sector and law enforcement industry. Together with my long time friend Natalia Ameline, I got involved in the blockchain space back when Ethereum was launched. Around that time, we started working on our idea to bring more women into this revolutionary technology to empower them, create new opportunities for them and facilitate the adoption of blockchain technology.


2. What is CryptoChicks’ vision in a layman’s language?


AN: CryptoChicks is a hub for blockchain education focusing on women, either those who want to upgrade their professional skills, or those who want to start their learning from the beginner level then gradually advance their knowledge.  We also provide programs for kids and youth, from basic information to more sophisticated coding sessions, hosted by our Director of Education, Nataliya Hearn.

Since we welcome all blockchain curious souls and enthusiasts, we are very much open towards hosting weekend family groups programs, for parents and children to discover blockchain together, as well as corporate mentorship and consulting.


3. How can one benefit from your services ? What are the benefits one can expect?


AN: A lot of blockchain programs are advanced in their presentations.  CryptoChicks present blockchain concepts in a simple, approachable, easy to understand way. We work with smaller groups to provide individual attention, if needed. We customize our programs, either during our hackathons, or meet-up and workshop sessions, to address specific issues and discuss in detail projects at hand.

We continue our relationships with hackathons’ participants assisting them in further development and employment opportunities as well as mentoring them to advance their entrepreneurial ventures.


4. What economic model is being followed ? What is your contribution to expand CryptoChicks’ financial worth ?


AN: We are a non-profit organization with funders and associates working equally hand in hand dedicating time and knowledge to advance blockchain learning.  So far, to cover our operational costs, we have been generously supported by our sponsors, prominenent banks and organizations as well as smaller companies, by those who believe in blockchain technology’s global impact and how it can positively influence a transition into a new economy.

Currently, we are working to expand our services and include paid-by-project consulting and mentorship in specialized blockchain hackathons and corporate development.  We are also planning to increase our on-line boutique product line and include limited edition signature collections.  We have planned talks with fashion designers and production companies to make this dream a reality.  We encourage our followers and enthusiasts to stay tuned and visit our website periodically for any news pertaining to our future events and on-line collections.


5. On the Social and Marketing front, what kind of support is provided by CryptoChicks?


AN: We have our fantastic marketing team.  These ladies are experts in the field, Olga, Polkhuta, Karla Vilhelem and Audrey Nesbitt.  Our posts, newsletters, and featured articles let our followers stay connected with us and up-to-date with all our events and our systematic growth.  We are here to build communities.  Our hackathons are beyond informational sessions.  People get together, make friendships, and professional relationships. That is our platform – it is about developing a blockchain tribe, from coders, developers, hackers and programmers, all who can make this new technology scale, to building a growing number of blockchain users and enthusiasts.  


6. Are there any technology integrations required for your specific project ? 


ES: Within our CryptoCUBS project, the goal of which is to create a reward platform that will track children’s self learning progress, we are planning to integrate together blockchain and AI technologies.


7. What value is being generated ? Value over here is not only Monetary.


AN: Blockchain is already changing the world.  Many regions of the world need this technology.  It opens up endless possibilities and opportunities for people around the globe, from peer-to-peer and business-to-business banking and suppy chain to land registry, education, social registry, real estate and financial investment, to many other fields. Yet, without the value of communities understanding blockchain, using blockchain, recognizing its value and the options it provides, the technology won’t scale as fast as it could. CryptoChicks deliver the value of knowledge educating women, kids, youth and all blockchian enthusiasts from basic principles to advanced skills.


8. Which sector of the population will benefit from the project ? What/ Who is/ was your initial target audience ?


AN: Women are underrepresented in the science and technology sector with the single digit statistics proving that a lot has to be done to encourage young women to break the stigma and conquer the technology industry. This is why, initially, women were our focus. Yet, there is more. It is not just about temporary change. It is about sustainable progress and advancement and that can be achieved through teaching younger generations, getting them to understand the purpose and the possibilities, letting them learn through fun and interactive programs and workshops.


9. What technologies is CryptoChicks focused on? How does Blockchain fit in?


ES: We are primarily focusing on blockchain technology and we are blockchain agnostic. In other words we are working with multiple blockchains and are thrilled by the decentralized nature of this industry.


10. Are you planning an ICO?


AN: Currently, our focus is on improving and expanding our services and products and perfecting our globally placed hackathons to maximize their potential. We strongly believe in generating value, growing organically, rooting ourselves with our proven work and dedication, fulfilling our mission, building and developing our foundation and achieving our set goals. We can plan that much, one step at a time. 


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