Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Interview with the Incredible Crypto Jen | Humans of Blockchain

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Welcome to our comprehensive interview series – Humans of Blockchain  where we get the best in the business answer diverse questions.

This series will clear the air of doubt in the blockchain space today by focusing on bringing more transparency to the readers.

Our guest, today, is the one and only, “cryptoloved”, Crypto Jen who answered all our questions with patience. Her story about the journey through the blockchain space is very inspiring and motivating.

Her undying zeal to move forward with enthusiasm has made her who she is today. She is an inspiration for not only the women in the industry but for all women who wish to take a leap of faith to make their dreams a reality.

Not wasting much time, let’s hear it out from the Crypto Jen herself.


1. We would love to know more about you Jenny. Tell us about how you got into the space, the challenges you faced and more.

I think I represent the people who are in the blockchain space since a very long time. I am a female, not that young, english is not my first language and I worked as an office girl at a mining site in Western Australia. But then I took a leap of faith thinking how exiting are blockchain projects and I was given one opportunity at a project which turned out to be a failure.

I was working in gold and mineral mining industry which a lot of people aspire to work in. I was given a promotion at work which I didn’t take looking at a better opportunity which sounded crazy to people. People said I’ve lost it because I was quitting my job for Bitcoin and crypto. The project that I joined failed but what people looked at me was that this woman has got confidence and she loves what she’s doing. I make people feel comfortable so that people can see themselves and feel connected and easy with me, that’s why people like hearing my stories.


2. Which ICOs are you presently advising? What differentiating factors do you look for when choosing an ICO to advise?

Currently I am advising Antihack, SecVault, Earth Dollar, BitDollar and Virtual Arena.

Differentiating factors are:

1) The people– if they are credible or genuine. Also my preference is to go with the founders or team I know well in person.
2) The budget– good and well planned projects will have their necessary budget in place to launch a successful campaign which we know costs both time and money. These projects understand the days where you can write a 10 page whitepaper from your garage and raise millions are long gone.
3) The development team– I prefer going with projects who do their developments in house.I was involved in one project where the Founders team were in the US and the development team were in Ukraine. Everything was difficult and the communication was just bad so it got me to understand the closer the development are to the core team, the better.


3.What are your views about the bubble theory surrounding the market prices? Do you think we should be prepared for any crashes?

Always be ready for the crashes but remember that stock markets do crash, gold prices do crash, banks and governments can crash so just like anything cryptocurrency market can crash any day.

However, my views are that cryptocurrency market is going through ups and down but because cryptocurrency is inevitable for our future, the market will always turn around and we will see positive gains again.


4.What according to you are the best locations to be in if one wants to start a Blockchain based business

Gibraltar is a good location same as Malta as regulations are clearer and more welcoming compared to any other countries. So to start the entities, I would say look into these countries while development works, I feel India has some of the best people at the most competitive prices.


5. There’s an emerging market for Security Tokens, what views do you have for the STO market

STO is the future and it is beautiful. You see a lot of people are scared of taking part in crypto because they hear all these shit coins utility tokens are dying. Imagine if you still can play with these tokens with that peace of mind because the tokens you hold are backed up or attached to something tangible or of real intrinsic values. I feel STO is the bridge towards Mass Adoption.

And FYI, I am working on one STO project and I am learning many new things every day. The challenges we have with STO are the compliance, legalities and regulations.


6. A wave of fear gets created when the market falls. How are the present start-ups dealing with the losses they faced due to market crashes? Do you feel the space needs more bold and motivating people like you?

Fear is a lie! For start ups they must have a very good  financial strategist person who puts together a contingency plan for ..let’s just say all the Ethereum they raised during their ICO. There are many strategies that a qualified and experienced finance professional can assist you to protect your projects from the losses due to the market conditions.

Does the space needs more bold and motivating people like me? Well, I think we need more genuine people who really want to be in crypto because they believe it is a better and fairer money system compared to the current system. We need more believers, as opposed to the “speculators”


7. What shortcomings do you see in the current Blockchain space? And what suggestions do you have for their improvement

Real use cases! We need more real use cases! All these technologies and protocols all these projects are talking about, the majority of people do not understand what they are really for.We need more real use cases because that is when relationship is formed.

If I can say this project does X and this X means Y to me then you have created a scenario where your technology development becomes something of a value to real people and when this occurs, your project becomes valuable and sustainable.


8. What are some new Blockchain projects which you have faith in will do very well in the future?

I would not mention any projects that are currently going through the ICO process, as you may think I am hinting you to buy. I like Solve.Care – they are putting healthcare on the blockchain and I see this is a meaningful way of utilizing blockchain technology that will see the people benefit from it.


9. What views do you have about the adoption of Crypto for general public? Is it going at a right speed? How can we improve over it

It was good at the beginning as we saw the influx of new people coming through around 2017 to early 2018.Then during the last 6 months, some people got burnt by the crashes, so they quit…they said see ya later, I’m outta here then they go moaning on TV saying I lost my entire life saving on crypto. You see we need more good news! We need to show(by doing) that we are not here just to drive in our rental Lambo and flash our Gucci bags at all these crypto event after parties.

We need to display through our behaviour that we are in this because we are not in the 1% World Elite group, and we believe us -the 99% can stick together and work on getting ourselves to the better and fairer money system. The mass adoption will not occur if all we talk about is this coin is up 60% today then -200% tomorrow. We need to remind ourselves that we owe this to the next generation. We are on a cusp now which means this is going to make or break…it is important we in this space, pull our heads in and think of the real meaning behind decentralization.

10. What advice do you have for all the women working or willing to work for their dreams. Not just in the Crypto space but also in general

Follow your passions! I was told I was crazy when I quit my job to do crypto full-time. I was told I was never gonna make it. When the first project I joined, failed- they said that’s the end of this woman’s crypto career. Had I listened to those naysayers or those people who don’t matter, I would never have got the life I have today. Dare to dream, dare to have fun about what you want to become and achieve in your head, because “whatever the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve” (Napoleon Hill)


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