Tue. Mar 19th, 2019

Interview with the President of Liberland – Vít Jedlička | Humans of Blockchain

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Welcome to our comprehensive interview series – Humans of Blockchain  where we get the best in the business to answer diverse questions.

This series will clear the air of doubt in the blockchain space today by focusing on bringing more transparency to the readers.

Our guest, today, is  Vít Jedlička, The Preseident of LiberlandHe answered all our questions with patience and detail.

Vít is an experienced politician who took a giant leap and started a country. Yes! A Country! His experience and libertarian ideas are something we can all learn from.

Not wasting much time, let’s hear it out from Vít Jedlička himself.



1. We would love to know more about you Vit. Your background, experiences, education, and how you ended up founding a nation et cetera.

I studied economy and politics. I wrote my first thesis on Downfalls of Central Banking and second one about Dangers of Global Government. I have been actively promoting personal and economic freedom in Czech Republic for more than ten years. I debated and argued often about how the country as a whole would benefit and how it would be better off with less regulations and lower taxes. Many told me that these ideas are not welcomed in the Czech Republic – this is partially due to the fact that people actively supported communism for forty years – it would seem, that the people are not ready for a change. My opponents kept asking me: ‘Why don`t you start your own country?!’  I went and did just that.


2. What is Liberland’s vision in Layman’s language?

Liberland aims to become the model of statehood for the 21st century. We are a global nation with well over half a million people who intends to build our own state with the highest respect for personal and economic freedom for its citizens. We are implementing the latest blockchain technologies to ensure that high standards of transparency and decentralization are met. Becoming the first decentralized autonomous government is the very core of Liberland’s vision, mission and existence.


3. How can one become a citizen of Liberland? What are the benefits one can expect?

In general, you will have to obtain more than 5000 LLM (Liberland Merits) in order to become a citizen of Liberland. That is roughly the equivalent of 5000 USD. For a more detailed explanation of this, please visit our website: liberland.org including Liberland Press and our other social media channels. There are many ways in which one can obtain citizenship, i.e:

  • by helping out in the areas of: settlement, diplomacy, IT systems and so on
  • by becoming a Liberland diplomat
  • by establishing and helping out with the Liberland Chamber of Commerce, were we plan to be one of the leading crypto and blockchain association.


4. What economic model is Liberland following? How do you plan to expand trade and commerce? What is the currency being used?

We believe in the power of free market. It will be this, that Liberlands economy will be driven by. I am happy that Liberland has became the hub for crypto businesses and enthusiast along with ICOs. We also started working closely with the Free Trade Zone in Apatin, so that physical businesses can thrive in the vicinity of Liberland. Our constitution prevents the state to force its citizens to use a certain type of currency. The citizens of Liberland are free to use whatever currency pleases them as long as it is available and can be traded with of course. Although I will say, that the most popular now are: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, EOS and Monero. We have diversified the state`s reserves in this similar fashion.


5. On the governance side, what model is being followed and what are the benefits? How is the model different from existing models around Democracy?

Liberland is committed to combining the best elements of republic, democracy and meritocracy. We are also developing the whole system on blockchain, making it the first decentralized autonomous government.

As the founding fathers of the United States puts it: “Pure democracy is a mob rule to be avoided at all cost!” Surprisingly, the citizens of the United States have forgotten all about that. With the passing of time, it became a praised term or another good quote from history. When it comes to republic as a type of government system, I believe it is superior to democracy because things like expropriation or holocaust is not statutory as a majority vote. Having have said that, Liberland has a functional element of democracy just as is successfully applied in Switzerland-a popular veto. Citizens of Switzerland are allowed to get rid of any decisions that the government makes, if not in their favour or liking.

6. How are the basic amenities provided to the citizens, like health, education, water, electricity, food etc.?

Just like the founding fathers of the United States, the Liberland state will only take care of security, justice and diplomacy. The rest will be handled by the free market. This limited government interference is in line with our policy that we wish Liberland to be. We are proud to announce that there are already countless of private hospitals and universities that are planning to open up a in Liberland; one reason for this, is the favourable tax system and minimal amount of regulations. Our economic model will assure that Liberlanders are wealthy. 


7. What is the status of Law Enforcement in Liberland?

Liberland only plans on having a decentralized justice and uberized police system. This, for one thing means that court cases, will be solved by a system of jurors implemented on the blockchain were almost anyone can sign in to, by means of an app, thereafter one must provide some sort of security information to the local community entrusted with this role. Liberland hopes to have the best security and justice system there is out there, and last but not the least, provide it faster and more affordable.

8. How is Liberland dealing with International Relations? Is there anything planned on the defence side?

Liberland has well over a hundred representatives in more than a hundred countries around the world. In fact, next week, Liberland has been invited to attend a very important appointment at the EU Parliament in Brussels; were at the same time, our Liberland Team USA are also pushing for an important decree to be made by the US Congress.

9. What technologies is Liberland focused on? How does Blockchain fit in?

We have formed a partnership with Daostack in the creation of our first decentralized autonomous government, in accordance with our plan to launch the Liberland state on blockchain. This means that all internal processes will be guided by smart contracts. We are also experimenting with the implementation of EOS in support to the community.

10. Are you planning an ICO?

Liberland plans to finance its yearly budget with a never ending ICO. We believe that we can run a country – even through inflation tax – by means of voluntary taxes.

11. What future do you see for the Citizens of Liberland?

I see a very bright future for our nation and country. There is an enormous demand for the creation ofFree Countriesall across the globe. Liberland just happens to be the first one of its kind.


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