Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Metabase – “Build your future–proof business for scale and impact” | Humans of Blockchain

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Discover new projects with – Humans of Blockchain  where we analyze companies working in the Blockchain space through a Q&A about the project.

This series will clear the air of doubt in the blockchain space today by focusing on bringing more transparency to the readers.

The project covered today, Metabase – Powered by Intrepid Technology

We have Zach Piester – Co-Founder of Intrepid Technology with us today to shed more light on Metabase. 


1. What is the overall concept of Metabase? The vision/ mission.

Metabase Network is a high-performance blockchain business engine and developer platform designed to empower innovators and entrepreneurs, high growth startups, small businesses, developers, and engineers to create, build, and lead the industries of tomorrow.

It provides a comprehensive foundation to build and monetize next-generation businesses and complex dapps for smart cities, IOT, energy distribution, supply chain, healthcare, finance, insurance and much more.


2. What is the current stage of implementation of the project?

We are currently in the last phase of our main-sale.


3. What makes the technology behind Metabase special?

Metabase Network allows for faster confirmation rates for transactions with scalability features like chain splitting and priority pools. Participants in the network will pay less to create transactions, even in case of a steep increase in price with Monetary Policy changes: Store-of-Value vs Medium-of-Exchange. You will be able to deploy complex software functions as Smart OpCodes on a marketplace similar to Apple AppStore/Google PlayStore and monetize them while also enriching the developer ecosystem. 

Smart OpCodes are an evolution in smart contracts. They can be used for enhancing security, like introducing a single instruction to validate a cryptographic signature. However, a more critical application of this concept is the creation of a marketplace for developers.

Developers will be able to create libraries or small utility applications, define it as a Smart OpCode and submit it to the Metabase marketplace. By taking this approach, we expect to see the first glimpses of highly sophisticated decentralized applications due to the ability to use packaged and verified Smart OpCodes from the marketplace.

Overall, Smart OpCodes will help standardize programming constructs across domains as OpCodes on the platform layer enable easier app development on the application layer. For eg. building an ICO is easy if functions like a) Multi-Sig Wallet b) Transfer Calculation Functions are available directly as security-vetted OpCodes on the platform.


4. The ICO space suffers from a lack of communication between the investors and ICO companies. How does Metabase handle communication with investors?

Our communications and development team provides frequent updates on our official blog ( We provide exchange listings, Github, and other major updates to our community. We also have active social platforms (Telegram, Twitter, etc) to send engage with our growing community as much as possible.


5. What exchanges currently allow trading to the Metabase token? How do you plan to expand token sales?

Although our project is still in its token sale, we have provided liquidity options to our early participants through IDEX. We have also established liquidity partnerships with Kyber Network and Bancor to list our token after the sale.


6. Is Metabase hiring?

Intrepid Technology, the parent company of Metabase is always looking for talented people to join our team. Here is the link for our job postings:


7. What are the future plans for the project?

We are continuing to work on our partnerships, building the ecosystem and the launch of our test-net, which is scheduled for Q1 2019


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