Mon. Feb 18th, 2019

Startup Acquires $2.3 Million for Identifying Physical Objects using Diamond Dust

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Nov 15


Dust Identity has acquired a seed fund of $2.3 million for their innovation for identifying objects by coating a layer of diamond dust, the width of a human hair, which captures its light pattern and saves it as a unique identifier. Now this information can be stored on a traditional database or the Blockchain. The project has been backed by Klein Perkins with participation from New Science Ventures, Angular Ventures and Castle Island Ventures.


The science behind Dust Identity was nurtured inside MIT, but the company has been at work for two years trying to build a solution based on that idea after receiving early support from DARPA. What these folks do is manufacture extremely tiny diamonds. They dust an object such as a circuit board with a coating of this and capture the diamonds in a polymer, company CEO and co-founder Ophir Gaathon explained.

“Once the diamonds fall on the surface of a polymer epoxy, and that polymer cures, the diamonds are fixed in their position, fixed in their orientation, and it’s actually the orientation of those diamonds that we developed a technology that allows us to read those angles very quickly,”

For all the advanced technology at play here, Dust Identity is truly an identity company, but instead of identifying an individual, its purpose is to provide a trusted identity for an object using a physical anchor — in this case, diamond dust. You may be thinking that diamonds are kind of an expensive way to achieve this, but as it turns out, the company is actually creating the coating materials from low-cost diamond industrial waste.

“We start with diamond waste (for example, [from] the abrasive industry), but we developed a proprietary process (that’s of course highly scalable and economical) to purify and engineer the diamond waste into dust,” a company spokesperson explained.

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